Discover SloMo

Give your guests a memorable, fun, and exciting experience with SloMo. Our leading slow motion technology will allow you to capture crystal clear memories in vibrant HD quality that you can look back on for years to come.

Step 1: Grab Your Props!

Choose your perfect propse from our collection of party poppers, streamers, hats, confetti, silly string and more. Don't worry about making a mess, we'll be sure to clean it up!

Step 2: Record Your Videos

And action! Go ahead and let loose! Whether you're blowing bubbles, launching glitter or jumping in the air, our cameras will capture every second.

Step 3: Preview Your Videos

Your video is ready for watching right after you record! You can watch your video, replay it, record again or move on to the next step.

Step 4: Share Your Videos

Share your video via email or Social Media for all your friends to see.

Step 5: Snap and Print Your Photo

Get the best of both worlds and snap high res photos and instantly print photo strips or 4x6 photos. You can even post these photos to social media and share with all your friends online.

Step 6: Do it All Again!

Get back in front of the camera and start all over. Grab some new props and a couple more friends and enjoy another awesome SloMo session!

Share Some More!

With ShutterShare, your guests can instantly upload videos and photos to sites, including Facebook, Twitter, text and email, and bring the party to their entire online network!