Kids love expressing who they are and SloMo's features allow guests at your Bar or Bat Mitzvah to do exactly that with every video and photo taken. SlowMo also lets guests share their videos and photos instantly with thier friends.


Don’t let the dull work of business slow down your company! Bring life to your next event with SloMo, and watch as your guests enjoy a completely customizable and highly entertaining slow motion experience!


What celebration is more fun than a wedding? With SloMo, all your friends and family will have a blast creating unique videos and photos so they they - just like you - will never forget that special day.


A note in the yearbook can't hold a candle to the SloMo video of best friends that can be shared!


Make every year count with SloMo! No matter what age, every birthday boy and girl will enjoy laughing and hanging out with friends in our slow motion booth!

School Events

Prom, all-night parties, after-proms and field days are cornerstones for a great, All-American school experience. Students look forward to these events all year, and with the fun options that SloMo offers, you can make sure that they never forget them!