Choose Your Booth


ShutterPod puts the fun of taking photos out in the open adding a whole new level of entertainment to your event. Our new, sleek design was made to look great in any space and you can choose your custom backdrop to pose in front of.

Open Air

With Open, your guests can walk the red carpet to strike a pose in front of a customized backdrop of your choosing to take glamorous, high-quality digital photos like a true A-list celebrity.

ShutterBooth Kiosk

We've taken everything we love about The ShutterBooth Experience and condensed it into an even smaller, more compact unit with our latest photo booth innovation.

Choose Your Backdrop

Decide on the perfect background for your booth! Whether you want a glamorous sequin fabric or a traditional solid color or print, we offer a range of unique and diverse backdrops!

Social Media Sharing

Our booths come with ShutterShare, so you and your guests can easily upload videos and photos from the event to sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even email with the touch of a finger!

Pick Your Props

From hilarious accessories to twinkling glitter bombs, our fun and custom selection of props will make your guests’ truly shine!

Custom Layouts & Video Frames

Personalize your photos and videos with special layouts and video frames! With our custom designs, we can tailor your SloMo takeaways to perfectly fit the style or theme of your event.


Upgrade your SloMo booth with ShutterCast, our wireless software that blasts your guests' videos and photos to any monitor in the room! You can even use ShutterCast to project content on walls, along with social media captions and event hashtags!

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